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8 outdoor activities to try this summer

A world pandemic may have dampened our 2021 summer – but not this year! We’re determined to make 2022 the best summer yet.

To do this, we’re ticking off the ultimate bucket list of things that’ll get us outside, moving, laughing, smiling – and most importantly, seeing people once again. The sun’s out, who wants to join? There are no excuses. 

Here we have eight outdoor activities you need to try this summer. Get ticking! 

  1. Zipline and climb an aerial treetop course

Want to do something thrilling? Climb the aerial courses and zipline through the trees at The Adventure Park near you. Here you can face your fear of heights and put your feet back on the ground as a stronger, braver climber. Are you brave enough?

  1. Listen to music at an outdoor concert

What better place to closely surround yourself with happy and healthy people than at a gig? This summer sees thousands of outdoor music concerts and festivals held across the country, so simply take your pick and put on your dancing shoes.

  1. Go on a picnic with an old friend

Outdoor meetups might seem so 2021, but this time you can bring the whole gang. Pick a good spot at a local park and pack a picnic. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with an old pal and make up for lost time.  

  1. Take road trip anywhere

Is there any feeling more freeing than setting off on a road trip with your best friend? Type in any destination on your sat nav, pack a bag full of road snacks, and get driving. There’s a big wide world out there – go explore it.

  1. Take care of your backyard

We’ve all spent so much time indoors the last couple of years, but have you neglected your backyard? If so, spend some time giving it a little TLC – plant your own fruits and vegetables, repot summer flowers, and mow the lawn. Make your space your own outdoor haven.

  1. Go whitewater rafting

See yourself as a bit of a thrillseeker? If so, whitewater rafting may well be the extreme sport you’ve been looking for. But you better like cold water!

  1. Carry out a random act of kindness

Looking for a rewarding experience that brings you back down to earth? Carry out a random act of kindness for a stranger. Some ideas include: 

  • donating old things you no longer need
  • buying food or shelter for a homeless person
  • running errands for someone
  • pay for someone’s grocery shop.

Even the smallest or simplest ideas can make a huge difference, like paying someone a compliment who looks like they need it.

  1. Switch off all electronics for a whole day

Last but not least, here’s a challenge for you: switch off your phone, TV, and other electronics for the entire day. Instead of relying on a screen, try refocusing your attention on the people and things around you that matter most: your family, friends, nature – even the hobby you’ve been putting off for weeks. Will you make it through 24 hours?

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