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7 Sites All Parents Should Add to Their Block List Right NOW

As a parent, you want to make sure that you create a comfortable and uplifting environment for your children. You want to make it to where they are safe and secure as they grow up. 

The point being, if you are able to help them to minimize interaction with harm, then it can set them up for success.

It can be harder to do so these days because of the advent of the world wide web and instant connectivity to various websites and applications. Technology and the access to information is fantastic and great. At the same time, there is the downside that is present there. If you are not careful, you can find yourself in a great deal of trouble. You might interact with information that is inaccurate, connect with the wrong people, and start practicing negative behaviors.

If you are looking to minimize potential stress and harm, look at restricting these websites.


A user can communicate with a stranger using the video and text chat website. While Omegle appeals to teenagers and makes it simple to connect with their peers, the site does not require users to register. Furthermore, several users on the website are looking for sex chats, while others provide links to potentially harmful websites.

2. Whisper

Whisper’s catchphrase is “Share, Express, Meet,” which should raise red flags in the context of children. The app itself is a chat service that allows users to communicate anonymously. It, like many apps, places a strong emphasis on sexually explicit content. What is being whispered here?

3. Tinder

Tinder is a risky and entirely inappropriate site for minors. You only need a Facebook account to sign up for Tinder. It’s effortless to create a fake birth date on Facebook and sign up for the app. Of course, this raises concerns about grooming and pedophilia. As a parent, you must be alert of the possibility that your child will become a target.

4. Periscope

Periscope is a live streaming site, and it is trendy among young adults and teenagers. But unfortunately, more than a third of its users are under the age of 21, leading to easy access to minors.

5. 4Chan

It is an image-based bulletin board that gets frequently compared to Reddit. 4Chan is one of the internet’s most inappropriate sites for children and tweens. The site’s criminal record is unnervingly long and very unsafe.

6. Ask. Fm

Ask. Fm is a social networking platform that enables users to ask other users questions anonymously. Ask. Fm is a popular question-and-answer website among the 13-to-17 age range. Unfortunately, the unmoderated Q&A forum has resulted in numerous incidences of online bullying and a string of harassment-related suicides.

7. Tumblr

While Tumblr can be a place for kids and teens to connect and share their “fandoms” (comments about series and movies they find interesting), it also allows explicit content such as sexually explicit material, pro-anorexia posts, pro-self-injury posts, and other content that may be inappropriate for kids or teens.

It is best to keep it as simple as possible for your youth.

What websites are you blocking?

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