7 Questions You Have To Answer Before Choosing A Place To Play

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It has been almost a year since COVID-19 broke into our lives. And suddenly millions found themselves confined to their homes. Some — sick, but most — because of lockdowns, switching to remote work or simply choosing to stay inside out of of self-preservation.  

With habitual leisure denied, no wonder online gambling experienced a rapid 67% increase in 2020. This double-digit growth was largely achieved thanks to influx of new players willing to try their hand on taming slots, test their luck in roulette, or skill in poker and other card games. 

Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world where players can just google for online casinos, register in the first one they see and enjoy smooth and secure gameplay. 

There are a lot of questions to answer first:

1.Does casino accept players from your country?

While we like to imagine the Internet as a borderless space where you can do what you want and go anywhere, this is becoming less and less true. Governments are paying more and more attention to online gambling. Now it’s more profitable and safe to obtain a license, follow the rules and grow than, stay on the dark side and hope not to be seen by authorities. 

Unfortunately, this means casinos have to turn away players from certain countries to stay within the licensing rules. What is more unfortunate, often there is no easy way for the player to find it out!

2.Is the casino legit?

It’s fast and easy to create a website, stuff it with rigged pirated games, rip off the players until there are enough complaints to drop reputation to zero, then get away with the dough and start anew. There is no way to tell whether the casino is legit or not, aside from experience and a lot of testing.

3.What is the casino’s reputation?

The casino may be legit from the licensing point of view, but still employ some dirty tricks. Like refusing to pay out winnings and bonuses because of some imaginary abuse. Or stalling withdrawals for prolonged periods, applying extra fees, suddenly raising withdrawal limits. Any player would prefer to know about this before making a deposit. 

4.Are there any nice games?

While more of a personal taste, this is one main reason a person chooses a place to play. But an average casino hosts hundreds and thousands of games. And takes a lot of time to sort them out and find the right type. 

5.What place has the best bonuses?

A casino may offer large juicy bonuses. But what if there is another one that offers even better terms? But you don’t know about it and have no way to find out, so settle for less than you could have gained. 

6.Is there a suitable withdrawal option?

Casinos usually try to offer many — from wire transfers to e-wallets. But it may turn out that some of them are unavailable in the place, where the player lives, are too expensive, slow or inconvenient in some other way. This is especially true when dealing with foreign online casinos. 

7.How convenient is to play? 

Fast and smooth-running website or app, easy navigation between pages and games, availability in the player’s native language, responsive and polite support — these are just a few aspects that define comfort and convenience. 

A determined player can find most answers to these questions on his/her own. But at the sacrifice of the most precious resource — time. 

Is there an easy way to get all these answers?

What if there was a place where these answers are readily available and presented in a convenient way? 

There is! At gamblescope.com we gather information about online casinos from around the world, verify and present it to you in a concise yet thorough way. Want to play in the most reputable online casino of your country, find where to play your favorite type of games, choose a place with the best welcome bonus without looking through a dozens of websites? We have all of the answers here, at Gamblescope!  

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