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7 Apps Every Music Geek Needs To Download

Music has been around for a very long time, but now it’s becoming extremely accessible to everyone! Long gone are the days when you could listen to music on CD or through the radio, now you can just download an app and have whatever song you can think about! But with this, the music market is overflowing with all sorts and kinds of apps and websites that claim they can do the trick, but most of them are blatant scams. But in a sea of bad apps, there are hidden gems. Here are 7 apps every music geek needs to download as soon as possible.

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  1. Spotify

This is probably one of the more commonly known ones, but it’s popular for a good reason! Spotify offers a wide range of music to listen to, from pop songs to meditation music, it’s a never-ending pit of tunes! It’s free, for the most part, some options are restricted but you can still make your own playlists and listen to it. The paid version is a bit complex and it allows you more options, and also it’s ad-free, so if that’s an important factor for you, you should check it out even if it’s not for free, music is worth every penny!

  1. Viddly

Nowadays artists can spend so much money on creating a music video, that the music itself becomes tied to the video. It’s pretty common that the video is so good, you can watch it on repeat, and now you can and on top of that do it offline! Experts from Viddly state that downloading an mp4 video is the easiest it has ever been. So now you can enjoy your favorite music video without a problem!

  1. Bandcamp

Now, this is for those who are serious music lovers and want to explore new music genres from all over the world but also support their favs and it can all be done by using Bandcamp! You can buy the music, but also support the artists by buying their merchandise directly from the app! The payment process is easy and fast, and the downloading of the music even faster – so you can enjoy your favs while supporting their work as they deserve to be supported and praised for their creations!

  1. Songkick

Concerts can be pretty pricey and also you have to track the dates in advance to actually get the tickets – some can sell out in minutes depending on the popularity of the performer of choice. But thanks to Songkick you can find out information about the upcoming concert and see if artists are coming to a nearby area. This is pretty useful, as you can find info on different artists using only one app!

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