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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Adobe XD

As a UX designer, you need a platform for vector editing and collaborative prototyping. One such platform is Adobe XD. Unfortunately, it is only available for macOS. So, if you’re a Windows user, you need to look for other alternatives.

Reasons Why You Should Use Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a prevalent graphics application widely used by web designers. If you’re starting, you might not know some of the tricks Adobe XD has to offer. Here are some features you should check out when looking for Adobe XD to speed up your design workflow.

Smart Guides

‘Smart Guides’ is a pretty cool keyboard shortcut offered by Adobe XD. You can use this feature by clicking Option/Alt-Hold. The Smart Guides window will pop out on your screen, highlighting the distance between the object you’ve selected and the document edges.

Furthermore, if you want to check the distance between the object you’ve selected and another object, all you have to do is hover over the desired object, and the Smart Guides feature will adjust accordingly.

Artboard Presets

When using Artboard, it is advisable that you use Artboard presets to make things a little easier. To display Artboard presets, click the Art-board pin on the toolbar and select your desired preset.

Presets allow you to organize your work more efficiently using predefined dimensions. Remembering all the various favicon sizes is pretty hard. So, you can use presets to build a document with a range of Artboards to make things a little easier.

Easy Grids

Let’s face it, creating a grid is pretty much straightforward. But you could make it easier with Adobe XD.

Click on the four boxes icon on the sub-toolbar on the top right of your window. This will reveal a pop-up menu that will allow you to define the number of rows and columns you want to arrange the selected objects into.

You can also select the boxed option if you want to define the area around each object specifically.

Color Picker

When it comes to creating a beautiful web design, you have to know your colors. Better yet, where to get them. Adobe XD allows you to pick a color from anywhere on your screen. All you have to do is press ‘i’ and it’ll open. There, you can pick the exact color you’re aiming for.


Adobe XD allows you to create a new file directly from a template. All you have to do is open the menu and select the ‘new from template’ option. You can also save your current file as a template. This allows you to start a new project from your current stage. To save your file as a template, go to file, then select ‘save as template.’

This feature comes in handy when creating files for IOS. You could, for example, create a file with a status and navigation bar, then use it for other upcoming IOS projects.

Why look for Adobe XD?

Unless you want to swap your Windows computer for a Mac, you have no choice other than to seek a Sketch alternative for Windows. That being said, there are numerous sketch alternatives out there, including Adobe XD.

Some of these alternatives are even easier to use than Adobe XD. For example, Adobe XD comes equipped with presets and UI kits that make web design as seamless as it could be. You can also import your existing website designs into Adobe XD, making your work much more manageable.


Regardless of your level of expertise in web design, you still need a platform that allows you to work more quickly and efficiently. 

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