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5 Great Gifts for Men in 2022

All too often, it’s rather difficult to find the “perfect” gift for the various men in your life. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or a “just because” occasion, finding great gifts for women may be fairly easy but aside from the guys telling you exactly what they want/need or opting to get them a gift card, some are just hard to shop for.

Great Gifts for Any Guy

Got a neighbor or male co-worker with a special event that you want to help them celebrate? We found a few great products that could be perfect.

  1. Dr. Squatch has products that make you feel like a man and smell like a champion! Sure, there are tons of body washes and shampoos for men but a LOT of them don’t really live up to what men really want in personal care products. Not only do a lot of them smell strongly of perfume, most natural products don’t even work well and a lot more of them are filled with weird chemicals that sound like a weird Sci Fi movie.

    Dr. Squatch completely eliminates those three issues with high-performing, natural products that are made with ingredients you’ll actually recognize. Ditch that weird blue goo body wash and get with a bar of soap that will leave you feeling refreshed!

    Their soaps have scents like Bay Rum, an Intoxicatingly delightful cocktail of clove, cinnamon, pine, and citrus, and Birchwood Breeze that is fresh and woody with a crisp finish, along with haircare (shampoo & conditioner bundles) such as Fresh Falls or Pine Tar among others, even limited release soaps with collector packaging like the Dr. Squatch Soap – Star Wars Collection – choose your shower destiny with the light or dark side soaps! Dr. Squatch also has deodorant, toothpaste and beard oil and with so many great natural products that feel like they really are made with men specifically in mind –  It’s easy to see why Dr. Squatch is so popular. Shop between 2/18-2/23 for their President’s Day Sale and you’ll get 20% off your order of $50 or more.

    AND… because we’re Geek Insider, we can FINALLY reveal that in conjunction with the launch of the upcoming The Batman movie, Dr. Squatch will be releasing a limit-edition gift set. Dr. Squatch has partnered with DC to bring this totally unique product offering.  What we can tell you is that the boxed set will include 2 bricks of soap and Batman/Riddler themed packaging with puzzles/riddles leading to secret fun! The Gift Set should be in the $20 range and pre-orders will start March 4. 


  2. Staying with the bathroom theme, there’s one gift that I’ve personally wanted for a while so I have no doubt there are other guys out there that feel the same. A quality shower head. Whether they rent an apartment, have a bachelor pad in the city, just bought a new home, or simply need a new one, this is one gift they’ll get years and years of use out of.

    The Delta HydroRain Universal Showering 1.75 GPM Multi Function Shower Head with Hand Shower has 5 spray settings and a GPM flow rate of 1.75 and comes in a variety of colors. Sign up for their newsletter and save 5% on your gift order as well.

  3. Face it, a lot of guys just aren’t all that diligent when it comes to household chores. While they may wash their work clothes regularly and the dishes at least occasionally, there’s a good chance that doing so for their bedsheets rarely crosses their mind.

    With the self-cleaning hygienic, luxury sheets from Miracle, has natural bacteria fighting silver and not only provide a cool, comfortable, and healthy night of sleep, but they’re also able to fight bacteria, regulate temperature, and prevent the growth of odor-generating bacteria.

  4. You want an extra-special gift for that extra-special guy in your life and if he loves gadgets, these days you simply can’t go wrong with a quality drone. The DJI Air 2S Drone Fly More Combo is one of the most popular choices because it comes with several great features.

    This includes a full one-inch image sensor, which is larger than most of its competitors, that has image capabilities of 5.4K and 30fps and 4K and 60fps video. It also has the image optimization technology Master Shots and it works no matter the position of their drone. That alone is enough for more enthusiasts and first time fliers alike but it comes with a bunch of other features they’re definitely going to love.

Guys can actually be pretty easy to buy for. Especially once you have a few ideas like the 5 we pointed out today. From the great products from Dr. Squatch to a top-of-the-line drone, grab on of these gifts and show them that you were thinking of them and want them to feel special.

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