5 Gifts for the Home Office Worker

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Chances are pretty good that you have a loved one that, thanks to events over the past year or so, is working at least part-time from home. Personally, I’ve worked from home for almost 20 years for companies such as Sprint, X-Box, Apple, and as a freelance writer, so I’ve known the ins and outs for quite some time.

However, for many of the people that suddenly found themselves telecommuting, it was a new and more than a little nerve-racking experience. As such, offices around the country were set up “on the fly” and with the bare minimum needed for work: desk, chair, computer, headset, webcam, and perhaps a landline phone.

No pizazz, no personal touch. If they’re lucky, they actually have a room dedicated for work but for many, they’re relegated to a corner in the living room or bedroom. Everyone did what they had to do.

The good news is, this means that with the products I’ve gathered, you have the perfect opportunity to mark them off of your holiday gift list.

1. A Good Headset

Almost everyone working from home is subject to video conferences in one fashion or another but a lot of them are also taking back-to-back calls from customers. While they may have a set of earbuds that get the job done, a nice headset with a microphone or an ASMR Microphones can be an extremely useful gift that they are certain to appreciate.

The Epos Audio MB-1 Pro-1 is a quality wireless Bluetooth headset that has up to 25 m/82 ft wireless range and a battery life that gives them hours of flexibility. It also provides a natural call experience via advanced audio technologies and is designed to provide both user comfort and premium call clarity.

2. The Premium Alternative to Worn-Out Plastic Mats

Chair mats are an office item that many people either overlook entirely or opt for the cheapest option because, well, it’s just something to help the chair roll smoother. However, the plastic mat that your loved one grabbed is probably already scratched, cracked, and doesn’t provide all that smooth of a surface after all.

The Glass Office Chair Mats by Vitrazza is the perfect alternative because they are made with a proprietary combination called Tufver Glass™, which means they are certifiably tempered for strength and durability AND are protected with Invisible Shield® Pro 15 Nano Tech coating to help resist fine scratches. In other words, it’s a gift that is going to last AND make their office space look a bit more professional. 

Plastic chair mats work at first but get worn out and need replacing after a few months. Glass chair mats never need to be replaced, and even if yours does, Vitrazza has a lifetime transferable warranty on all chair mats.

  • A Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat will never crack or dent. It’s the last office chair mat they’ll ever need.
  • Transferrable Lifetime Warranty.
  • 18 different sizes are always in stock, and custom shapes are available.
  • Made in the USA and 99% on-time-delivery means no supply chain shortages or late deliveries this holiday season.

3. Save Their Backs, They’ll Thank You

If someone on your gift list is using a stool, kitchen chair, or an old office chair they used to only use once in a blue moon, they definitely need an upgrade. Sitting in an improper chair for hours upon hours a day can lead to all sorts of back pain and the right chair can make all the difference in the world.

The S8 Plus Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair by EazeeChairs has an extra-large headrest, a full-featured mesh seat, an adjustable backrest and armrests for the perfect fit and comfort, but perhaps best of all, it’s virtually customizable thanks to an advanced tilt mechanism that enables tilting in four different positions and leaning to whatever degree they desire.

4. A Premium Desk

Another area that a lot of work from home newbies had to quickly make do with happens to one of the most important aspects of their office. While a glass coffee table or old wooden study desk may have worked in a pinch, an improper desk is something else that can lead to back pain and other issues.

If they are working within a small footprint, a V2 Standing Desk from Uplift Desk could be the perfect gift. It’s built for durability and comfort and is available in over 20 styles. The V2 allows both sitting and standing levels of adjustment and they are designed by a world class engineering team that is led by a Certified Professional Ergonomist.

5. Save Their Eyes

Scrambling to create a home office lead a lot of employees to use a simple desk lamp or just the ambient light from nearby windows or room lights to work by. Gifting them a premium lamp can not reduce eye strain and fatigue, but it can also be a present they’d never splurge on for themselves. 

The Dyson Lightcycle automatically simulates natural daylight and is designed to help reduce eyestrain. It shines perfectly with six high-power LEDs (1000 Lux) that are kept cool by Heat Pipe technology is much that light quality is protected for 60 years.

With a lot of companies realizing the benefits of utilizing the work-from-home model, chances are pretty good that the practice is here to stay. Getting those employees a product like those mentioned today can truly be a gift that “keeps on giving.”

Not only are they practical, but they’re also all of premium quality and virtually guaranteed to make your gift recipient’s home office look more professional.

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