5 Business Ideas for 2022

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With the new year comes a better-rested brain and a revitalized workforce ready to take on the challenges ahead over the course of the next twelve months. But what’s the next big idea that’s going to harness that ‘new year’ energy for your business and make 2022 the year that your brand stands out from the competition?

Businesses can’t afford to fail at the first hurdle of a brand new year. There’s no time to be left out of the loop these days. If you fall behind, you’re forgotten quickly. After all, no one remembers the second or third companies to embrace a new idea. It’s all about being there first, every time. 

That’s why we’ve compiled the top 5 business ideas for 2022, from sustainability to fleet automation. Find your next business idea and make this year a memorable one. 

Sustainable and Reusable Products 

Biodegradable products have seen a steady rise in popularity over the last 5 years. But as we move into 2022, this will reach its pinnacle, and become a deciding factor in whether a consumer chooses to give your their business or go elsewhere to a more environmentally conscious company. 

Businesses are working alongside sustainable and reusable production companies for the greater good of the planet and their global reputation. There’s no real limit here regarding what you choose to make more sustainable. All that matters is that you find a way to combine your niche with an environmentally-friendly mindset. 

Gender Neutral Commerce

More than ever, the lines are blurred between products and services that were once rigidly defined as purely masculine or feminine things. 

Skin, beauty, and healthcare products are experiencing a huge shift into global acceptance across all genders, which has led to a significant boom in sales. This has not gone unnoticed by other industries, and the race is on to find ways of reducing the stigmas of gender-specific product marketing in a bid to appear more ‘modern’ while doubling revenue in the process. 


The rise of smart technology and automated products will continue, extending into more areas of commerce, production, and distribution. 

These innovations aren’t simply a matter of shifting production units faster than ever before. Automation will continue to drive the world further into the future with automated fleets, services, and systems that improve human everyday life. 

The only downside? Consumers will begin to expect this level of efficiency for all businesses, meaning those who embrace automation sooner will reap its rewards faster. 

A Deeper Focus on Influencer Marketing 

The influencers within your industry are the new rock stars of social media and hold a considerable amount of sway across your business landscape. 

Focus on including them from start to finish, at the conception of a marketing campaign. The days of short and sweet product reviews are gone, and influencers are beginning to develop a rabid following, ready to listen to their every word. 

Digital Events and Conferences 

COVID happened, and the world has adapted well. Working from home and online meetings are now far more commonplace, creating a whole new spectrum of commerce in online exercises, book readings, business meetings, and even film and entertainment conventions.

This trend will only grow in the coming years, so find a way to adapt your business to this online opportunity and watch your business grow! 

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