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More Than 20% of Adult Internet Users Spent Money Online Gaming

Online gaming has risen in popularity across the world, with more and more individuals participating in gambling, sports betting, and visiting online casinos. In fact more than 20% of adult internet users spent money online gaming in the last year, showing that this is an enormous market with lots of money-making potential.

From fairly humble beginnings during the 1990s, online gaming has now become one of the internet’s most popular pastimes, with online casinos springing up everywhere, like , just to name a few. It is easy to see why these online gambling outlets have become so popular among the general public because of the benefits that they provide.


Online casinos are open at all hours of the day or night, unlike their land based equivalent. This means that those who want to fit their pastime around their working or daily lives can do so without having to worry about opening and closing times. Shift workers can benefit from this convenience as well as those who must play at times to suit their family commitments.


Going out to play at a real world casino can be very inconvenient. Many people do not live within easy commutable distance of a casino and so visits can be few and far between. Online casinos bring all the fun of playing within easy reach of any player as they can participate from their home PC or laptop while relaxing on their own sofa. This means that gambling is also accessible to those who are unable to get out and about to a real world casino.


Some people feel intimidated by the environment of a real world casino and therefore an online gaming option suits them best as they can enjoy all the games that they enjoy from the comfort of their home.

Mobile Gaming

The best online casinos have mobile optimized sites and mobile downloadable apps which means that players can enjoy their hobby wherever they are, be they at home, at work, on the bus, or while they are on the move. They can play at any time and in any place, making it easy to enjoy gaming as a time passing exercise whenever there are a few minutes spare.

Bonuses and Promotions

While there are no regular bonuses or promotions on offer at a real world casino, online gaming brings with it the options to take advantage of a wide range of deals and benefits. Players are often able to benefit from refer-a-friend schemes, deposit match promotion, no deposit deals and sign up bonuses that enable them to maximize their winning potential.


There is a huge spectrum of choice when it comes to online gaming. The top online casinos offer all kinds of popular games that can be found at land based casinos as well as new and technologically advanced options which can only be found online. There is also lots of choice within each category, for example, there are themed and 3D versions of games which cannot be found in any real world casino.

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