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4 Innovations That Are Shaping The Future Of HR

The business arena today is widely shaped by technology. Essentially, this works as an advantage because businesses could now cope with uncertain times through technology. In fact, it’s safe to say the use of technology in business is often needed to stay competitive, productive, and efficient in your practices.

One area of business isn’t spared from the coming in of new innovations is the human resources department. Given the very important and strenuous task this department goes through, it’s not surprising many HR managers and members of the team are using various technologies to their advantage.

If you haven’t already, then it’s time for you to start through the following innovations that are shaping the future of HR:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

If there’s one thing that has grown in widespread use across HR department today, it’s definitely artificial intelligence (AI) alongside with onboarding software. This is playing a very huge role in the recruitment and hiring process, by making it easier for the HR department to filter and review hundreds of potential new hires in a day.

Imagine how this would’ve been without this innovation. There’s the need to manually sift through all those physical resumes and sort them into different files. Today, these could all be automated, especially when companies are also now accepting applications sent online.

That said, here are some of the ways that AI is used in the hiring process:

  • It facilitates the analysis of available potential employees in the job market and matching their skills with the job description needed;
  • It cuts the need of the HR team to do every single interaction by the team, as now chatbots can take their place before a final face-to-face interview with human beings in the HR department;
  • It improves employee training through the availability of virtual and augmented reality, which makes it easier to personalize every single employee training based on the employee’s existing set of skills.
  1. Employee Engagement Software

The job of the HR department doesn’t just end on the recruitment and onboarding process. They also have a very important role to play in ensuring that once employees are officially part of the organization, they stay happy and engaged. You’d know by now that good employee engagement can also mean and enhanced productivity, therefore higher chances of profit increase for the company.

Along the lines of employee engagement, the HR team can make use of various software that makes it easier for them to send monthly surveys to the employees and address many issues that may arise. The most common of these include teamwork, happiness at work, and even stress.

By using this software, it’s easier to have employee feedback, thereby also improving the HR department’s ability to provide solutions to improve the emotional engagement of struggling employees with the team.

Remember that keeping employees happy is cheaper and better for the organization than constantly hiring new ones and retraining, so good employee engagement must be a priority.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 4 innovations that are shaping the future of hr, business
  1. Self-Service Tools

Most employees today also don’t like to be micromanaged or too dependent on their HR department when they need to bring up concerns relating to their job and their pay, for instance. It can be very time-consuming if the HR department has to address each of these concerns one by one, every single pay season or month.

To simplify and speed this up, another innovation that’s shaping the HR department are self-service tools or HRIS software. This makes it easier for employees to have access to, and update information without necessarily having to bring it up with HR all the time.

Depending on the employee self-service tool or software your company is using, generally, its functions are:

  • Viewing any updates on tax information, so employees can better understand their tax deductions, if any;
  • Accessing online pay slips, if they need to keep a personal record of their monthly pay slip;
  • Updating personal information, such as a change in surname if the employee recently got married;
  • Confirm the hourly pay rate and any increases, if any.
  1. Peer-To-Peer Recognition

The HR department also has a responsibility of ensuring that the working relationship of members of the organization are smooth and going well. For example, without keeping close insight on this, the HR manager might not be aware of a superior who might be bullying lower-ranked employees. This can result in division or unhappiness in the workplace for some employees. Unfortunately, it may also affect the success of the operation cycle.

Hence the coming in of peer-to-peer recognition software. This refers to those tools and software that the team can use to praise or give value to employees they’re grateful for or they’re happy with. This can be named, or anonymous. The good thing with this is it can encourage positivity in the workplace, which in turn, improves productivity.


As you can see, there are many new innovations that are helping the HR department run more effectively. Whether it’s for supporting the physical staff left in the office or the remote workers in some geographical locations of your business, these innovations bring about so many advantages in streamlining and simplifying what would’ve been a long and mechanical process in HR. With this list, now you’ve got a means of identifying what innovations you, too, should adapt for your business as well.

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