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3 Tips on How to Increase Online Store Sales

The profit that the company made as a consequence of marketing techniques appears to be the yardstick by which marketing strategies are judged. But the path from starting a personal business to earning income is full of various stages, the passage of which, of course, depends on the field of business and selected marketing channels.

To increase sales and survive in today’s market, the owner of the online store must use a combination of marketing, logistics, and communication tactics. One of such tactics is effective team communication where email to inform meeting schedule is the best method. We have prepared our list of tips to help you achieve the desired result.

Tip 1: Create a Mobile Version of the Online Store

Remember usability? To make a purchase in an online store, one attractive design is not enough. It is necessary that it is convenient and clear to the user. To do this, optimize mobile content with adaptive design. Dilute mobile video product descriptions with standard HTML5 video tags, which will increase the chance of easy visibility for its visitors.

And remember that, according to statistics, 75% of visitors will never return to your site, if they first visit they found it difficult to find the right product or information.

Maximum Benefits with Minimum Clicks

As modern practice shows, the motivation of the visitor to impulsively buy a product in a mobile online store is much higher than usual. But it is important to create all the conditions for this: maximum information with minimum clicks – make the site convenient and attractive (as an example, the Amazon site, where you can buy goods in 1 click). But if the buttons do not work, or they are uncomfortable to press – the experience of mobile shopping can be negative. Allow the customer to make a maximum of purchases, spend a minimum of time, and remain in the comfort zone.

Call to Action

Encourage your visitor to buy or put the product in the cart by introducing special discounts and offers. Later, the customer will be able to buy it from a computer.

Create a Mobile Application

If you have a budget, we recommend investing in the development of your online store program. After all, in this case, customers will have a more unique experience of interacting with the product. In addition, your app will enjoy the added reputation of the Google Play Store or Apple Store, which will make your business more meaningful in the eyes of users.

Tip 2: Set up SEO Processes

Imagine that your online store takes up hundreds or even thousands of pages. In most cases, visitors come to the site to buy a specific product, such as pants. But when the search is broader, there may be problems with the organization. For example, a visitor wants to buy some kind of pants and narrows the search to jeans. In this case, such a search word should be included in the local site search for pants and lead to jeans.

Tip 3: Increase the Page Load Speed

In today’s technological society, page loading speed is very important, and the difference in video opening between 2 and 1.8 seconds is very large. Therefore, try to load your page in less than 3 seconds

  • Pay special attention to researching the keywords of your site and competitors’ sites;
  • Check your site for duplicate content, create completely unique descriptions of pages and products with relevant and descriptive keys;
  • Set up analytics and set sales funnels and goals by category.

We hope you’ll find these tips helpful and start integrating them right now to increase sales in your online store. Good luck!

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