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3 Key Gifts For Gamers in 2021

There are a lot of gamers out there and as such, you may have one on your Christmas list this year. However, aside from the latest hot new game titles that are almost always released for the holidays, it can be a little difficult to think of a great gift for them.

While there are plenty of products out there aimed at gamers, which ones are the most important? While I can’t guarantee that any of the below will be the exact gift that they’re looking for this year, there’s a really good chance that it’ll knock their socks off because it’s something they always use.

1. A Gaming Chair

Arguably their most important gaming accessory and there are a literal ton of different options available. While many of them are decent enough for occasional or moderate gaming, you should get one that is perfect for every level of gamer.

The GTRACING gaming chair is designed to provide better comfort and is built to last with a strong metal frame and with the thick padded back & seat, it could be the perfect chair for your gamer.

If they’re also into Marvel or other superhero/comic characters and themes, you may want to consider the AndaSeat Spiderman or Captain America gaming chair. Not only do they provide the comfort and support gamers need, 

2. A Smooth Surface

A lot of gamers do a good bit of moving between their monitors or just back and forth while playing. Even the best gaming chair can scratch up floors, get bogged down in carpet, or scratch and dent traditional plastic floor mats.

Unfortunately, just as green imperfections can thwart a golfer’s best shot, any defects in the surface can slow down a gamer and when milliseconds can make all the difference in the world, the above options just aren’t acceptable.

That’s where a Glass Office Chair Mat by Vitrazza takes the gold medal. 

These mats are built to last and are certifiably tempered for strength and durability. Not only will they never crack or dent, they even resist fine scratches with Vitrazza’s proprietary Invisible Shield® Pro 15 Nano Tech coating. Furthermore, if something does damage it, it’s covered with a transferable lifetime warranty.

Last but not least, they always have 18 different sizes in stock and if you don’t find what you need, there are custom shapes are available and since they are made in the USA and have a 99% on-time-delivery record, you don’t have to worry that your gift won’t arrive on time.

3. A Great Headset

Most gamers do a lot of talking while playing. Whether it’s coordinating with their friends as they raid and complete missions together or trash talk their opponents, their headset is one of the most vital components of their gaming gear.

This year, a lot of gamers and review sites are raving about the Penrose Wireless Planar Magnetic Headset from Audeze. So much so in fact, they are out of stock. However, Audeze expects to start shipping again real soon and orders should be delivered before the holidays. 

These 3 items are key to any gamer and while there are other things like a good keyboard and mouse, those are generally best picked out by the gamer themselves. Virtually everyone has a different preference in style and design and unless you want to ruin the surprise by asking them exactly what they want, you’ll want to stick to one of the above options.

The holidays are just around the corner and while these will make great Christmas gifts, they’re also perfect any time you want to give your gamer a gift they’ll get plenty of use out of.

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