3 Fun Things To Know About Loki

Guess what? Loki is coming next year. By that, we do not necessarily mean more real world chaos, but the god of chaos himself , Loki, will be on your local big screen on Disney + in mid-2021.

Will There Be a Loki Movie?

The first question many people ask is if there is going to be a Loki movie soon? The answer is, yes, there will be a Loki movie coming out in 2021. The Loki film should be fantastic and should be here by May 2021.

Are you excited about the film? Many people are as this year seemed to have been hampered by covid-19 and the many consequences of the virus. 

While the world was able to witness the release of films like Tenet and other films that came out this year, lockdowns and other restrictions have not been conducive for traditional movie watching at places like AMC and other cinemas.

The Loki trailer was a breath of fresh air bringing even more excitement to the slew of Marvel movies that are coming out over the next year.

Check out the Loki trailer here.

The movie will star Tom Hiddleston and other phenomenal actors like Owen Wilson. Individuals will get to watch the trickster god, who is neither good nor evil, just chaotic, with glee next year.

While we wait for the 2021 Loki film, let’s take a look at some of the most intriguing questions surrounding Loki.

Can Loki Beat Superman?

Superman has various abilities; these range from super-strength to magnificent vision to flying and a slew of other talents. But do all of these talents make him invincible to Loki?

We doubt it. Loki is magic. 

He has strength, endurance and can withstand battle far longer than mere mortals. In addition, Loki is the go-to being for sorcery in the kingdom of Asgard. 

He has astral projects, the ability to shift into different shapes, and can put you into a state of trance under his hypnosis. But is that it? Nope, Loki can do so much more from particle realignment, energy attacks, and even teleportation.

But Loki has a whole list of magical abilities we have yet to list out here that makes him a formidable foe.

Could Loki defeat Superman in battle? It is very possible.

Who is Better Thor or Loki?

That is a great question. Thor has strength and honor, while Loki has cunning, craft, and deviance. Thor has a tremendous amount of power, but Loki has had to learn to become genuinely amazing at his skillset. Loki knows that he has more talent and gifts than others within the Asgardian kingdom. At the same time, he knows that he has a long way to go when it comes to being on the same level as Thor and Odin, in some regards.

The answer to this question may be in the next movie or future Asgardian movies.

Anyway, you can watch the Loki film on Disney + in 2021. The god of mischief is right around the corner and will be here in a couple of months. He is finally coming out of Thor’s shadow and showing audiences everywhere that there’s a bit more to Loki than what many think.

Who will Loki face in the film? Kang? Mephisto? We don’t know the answers to these questions yet, but we’re sure excited to find out soon enough.


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