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3 Free Google Tools to Help Your Small Business!

Sparc Marketing Communications

At Sparc, our experts use a variety of tools to assist and complement your businesses marketing efforts. We work as a team with you, to complete our common goal and provide you with the guidance necessary to continue to make an impact in your journey. Here are just a handful of the tools we work with.

1. Google Ads

Google ads is a tool that we use to serve you is the internet’s largest pay-per-click (PPC) advertising network. Here is a simple breakdown: A user bids on keywords that their target customers are using to search for the types of offerings the business sells. Ads that are tagged with those keywords appear on Google’s search results pages when a person uses those keywords to search. The PPC client is only charged for the advertising service when someone clicks the ad, Google also gives you the ability to set your own budget. You set a daily budget for your PPC advertising campaign and then monitor your progress using the Ads analytic tools This is a terrific way to advertise online and drive traffic to your website. Connect with us at Sparc to see how we can help get you started with Google Ads today!

2. Google My Business

Google My Business generates the listing that appears when users search for your or a related business through Google Search or Google Maps. Google includes what you enter about your business including genuine customer reviews. At Sparc as a part of our services we help improve your listing and attract more customers by adding detailed information to your business’s listing. Claiming your listing is free. In addition to basic business information, we can post updates about upcoming events, describe specials, and more. Anything that might attract potential customers who may be searching for businesses in your industry.

3. Google Analytics

To find out how much traffic your website attracts, where your visitors are coming from, and what people do after they get to your site, use Google Analytics. This free tool can answer those questions and more! By adding some code to your website’s underlying HTML, Google Analytics will track every visitor to your site and generate helpful reports and statistics. Business owners can use the data to fine-tune their websites. It is best suited to a cost-conscious small business trying to improve its online performance.

As demonstrated, at Sparc it is our commitment to assist you in whatever stage of business you are in. As Mississauga’s premier digital & traditional agency we pride ourselves on being able to serve on both fronts and not just serve our clients but to teach! Be sure to contact us today for assistance in your digital marketing needs.

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