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Eric Hart: Your Guide To Prop Building

Collecting prop replicas can be a fun hobby for theater and film enthusiasts who want something to show off to their friends. Unfortunately this can get quite expensive. Depending on size and how rare it is, you could be spending anywhere from $50 to $200 on a single item. So why not dive into a cheaper and more rewarding hobby like building prop replicas? In doing so, you will boost your creativity and learn to work with your hands. Most importantly, you will dominate every Halloween party you go to.

As to be expected, getting started is no easy task. Mastering the craft of prop building takes years of hard work, research, practice and patience. Like with any other new craft, you may feel lost and have absolutely no clue where to begin. That’s where Eric Hart comes to the rescue.


As a master of the prop building craft, Hart has proven to be a reliable reference for aspiring builders. He has been in the business for over 10 years and has worked in many industries, including theatre. To reach out to beginner prop builders, he runs a blog ( filled with instructional articles. The blog also introduces you to the culture of prop making with other articles covering historical and modern pieces.

The Prop Building Guidebook

Hart’s book is where he really gets into the craft. “The Prop Building Guidebook: For Theatre, Film, and TV”, serves as a great foundation for the novice prop builder. The book is not just a how to guide; it goes in depth on tools and hardware needed, techniques for using those tools and a background of the craft and how it has developed over the years. In short, Hart gives prop builders the knowledge they need to approach any type of project. The book can be purchased here.